Selected Works


Deadlock I. (2012) for beatbox soloist and orchestra [ - - timp, perc (2 players: 2 sets, vibes, 2 xylo, marimba, glock), strings], duration 10:00, written for Shodekeh and the Boulder Philharmonic, listen

Junk Pop (2011) for wind ensemble, duration 7:00, written for the Boston University Tanglewood Institute Young Artists Wind Ensemble, listen

Road Ranger Cowboy (2008) for orchestra [picc.1.2.1.bcl.2 - - perc (3 players: set, assorted cymbals, cowbells, glock, chimes), piano, strings], duration 5:30, written for the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra Conductor/Composer Workshop, listen

the ballad of james parry (2008) for SSAATTBB choir, words by Jeff Brunell, duration 7:00, written for Volti, listen



Rumpelstiltskin (2018) for 2 sopranos, 1 tenor, 1 baritone, alto sax, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, co-composed with George Lam, libretto by John Clum, duration 55:00, written for Rhymes With Opera

Adam's Run (2015) opera movie for 2 sopranos, 1 baritone, 1 bass, alto sax, percussion, piano, el. guitar, el. bass, violin, viola, cello, electronics, libretto by Baynard Woods, film by Rachel Dwiggins, duration 60:00, written for Rhymes With Opera, watch

KETAMYTH (2011) for 2 sopranos, 1 baritone, pre-recorded electronics, libretto by Baynard Woods, duration 22:00, written for Rhymes With Opera, listen

closer to mona (2008) for 1 soprano, percussion, pre-recorded electronics, duration 23:00, written for Rhymes With Opera, watch



Meditation on a Scale (2018) for open instrumentation, duration 9:00+, written for the Black House SoCal New Music Workshop, watch, download score

i'm sorry, not sorry (2016) for flute/voice and violin/voice, duration 4:30, written for The Witches, listen

Isto, Ista (2016) for 2 vocalizing tenor saxophones, duration 8:00, written for Ogni Suono: Saxo Voce Project

The Way of the Mob (2012) for soprano, clarinet, piano, drumset, percussion, el. guitar, violin, cello, duration 9:00, written for Newspeak, listen

the end (2008) for voice, spoons, ukulele, duration 4:00, written for Philippa Thompson, watch


CHAMBER ENSEMBLE (instrumental)

Donut Robot! (2018) for alto saxophone and bassoon, duration 9:00, written for the Post Haste Reed Duo

hiding and being found (2017) for 3 trumpets and 3 cellos, with an original film by Chad Burt, duration 10:00, listen

all night, all day (2015) for 2 pianos, 8 eight hands, duration 17:00, written for New Keys, listen

Lilly Tank (2011) for bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, duration 9:00, written for TRANSIT, listen

Broken Telescope (2009) for 2 alto saxophones, duration 6:00, written for the quux duo, listen



Wind Telephone (2018) for alto saxophone and fixed electronics, duration 11:30, written for a consortium led by Andrew Hutchens

27 Miles East of Headquarters, ID (2017) for bassoon and fixed electronics, duration 11:30, written for Javier Rodriguez, watch

You, Me & Pedro (2016) for soprano saxophone and fixed electronics, duration 7:30, written for Jacob Swanson, listen

Breathe (2014) for tuba and looping pedal, duration 10:00, written for Aaron Hynds


complete list of works (updated 7/18)